Canon Canada, known for their Canon Creator Lab, wanted to develop their first ever creative incubator. This program would be an instructional and mentorship program for 20 young and emerging creatives, picked by a panel of professionals. The students would embark on ten-month cirriculum with access to a community of passionate peers and mentors.

7 Communications was asked to develop the logo and brand standards to differenciate Futures from other Canon Creator Lab programs, appealing to the demographic of creators, 20 – 25.

The focus of this project was to create a logo wordmark, appealing to the youth with a vibrant colour palette.

The logo design was well received by Canon Canada, the program was a success from its inception, now moving into its third year of applicants. The program has received over 500 applications to date since its beginning in 2021.

Role: Visual Identity (Logo, colour palette, typography, packaging design, brand standards)
Creative Director: Anwar Mustafa / Todd Nielson
Created at 7 Communications

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